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Student's Counselling

Student's Counselling

“Every child has an inner creative genius, waiting to be discovered & nurtured.”

Life Coach Rekha helps discover the inborn talents of children by exploring the real potential of their brain through a very powerful Multiple Intelligence Test called as DMIT | DERMATOGLYPHICS Multiple Intelligence Test

After the test, a detailed comprehensive report is provided and Life Coach Rekha provides counselling to help focus your child’s talent, which you are unaware of and shares powerful ways in which you develop these talents.She has effectively mentored many students to attain success with her effective counselling skills and child-friendly approach

Right from childhood, one can get guidance with respect to better learning abilities, selection of extra-curricular activities, subjects to brain mapping, brain empowerement, motivational guidance specially for Worry-free exams.

Your child too can have focused performance post counselling and mould a bright future ahead.


About DMIT

  • DMIT reveals the links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents & helps you Easily Chart Out a Success plan for Education, Personal and Career Success.
  • Through DMIT, we can help parents and individuals to decide career, behavioral pattern and developing Multiple intelligence. It will act like a tool for parenting guide to parents, a career guide to young generation and a relationship guide to adults.
  • This will also assist educational institutions to develop their result by modifying their class-rooms as well as teaching patterns.
  • Hidden Talents & Potential..
  • Inborn Intelligences..
  • Type of Personality..
  • Brain Mode | Left brain people are more inclined towards logical work & Right brain people are more creatively inclined..
  • Area of Interests..
  • 9 types of Intelligence Quotients..
  • your child’s learning & communication…
  • Career Selection | Academic Subject Selection…
  • Ways to interact with your child based on his/her communication style…
  • Career | Learning style analysis…
  • DMIT | Brain Mapping for identification of child’s talents…
  • Peak efficiency of students in academics, career and in life…
  • Brain Mode | Left brain people are more inclined towards logical work & Right brain people are more creatively inclined…
  • Counselor Training of world’s latest method of personality analysis…
  • Memory registration efficacy…